TIPCis tool has been released for Linux as ELF (Pascal Language ) , TIPC tool scans huge range of IPs for blacklisting / spam / Malicious Activity depending on public services . it means you don't need an API to retrieve these information .


Setting Up

mkdir tipc
cd tipc 
chmod +x TIPC
root@kali: ./TIPC -h 

-l --Load List of IPs from a file 
-b --Check range of IPs for blacklist/spam
-m --Lookup for List of Ips through Daily Malicious Activity Database 
-i --Retrieve IP Location

Scan range list of IPs

root@kali : ./TIPC -b -l /root/ips.txt

Retrieve IP Location

root@kali ./TIPC -i

Check IPs For Malicious IOCs

root@kali ./TIPC -m -l ips.txt

Lawrence Amer
offensive security expert and founder of 0xsp security research and development (SRD), passionate about hacking and breaking stuff, coder and maintainer of 0xsp-mongoose RED, and many other open-source projects