AD Fly Tool


AD fly is Tool uses LDAP Protocol for users authentication access and queries of information ,since AD fly uses LDAP for connectivity,it only requires valid account to authenticate with , it is not required to be part of AD to use AD fly . from attacker machine red teamer is able to reach Active Directory with LDAP and retrieve information needed for operation .

the version number 1.0 comes with following modules .

  1. Query User Group Membership

  2. List Group Members

  3. List All Domain Controllers

AD fly released for both windows / Linux users (x68_64) . red teamer / penetration testers are able to use this tool to retrieve information from targeted Active Directory host.

it is also very useful to assure you are using correct credentials while authenticating with out a need to use other protocol to know if you have owning correct credentials .

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[+] AD Fly
[+] by @zux0x3a,
-u --User Name to Authenticate with..
-p --Password of user .
-i --LDAP Target Host Address.
-d --Active Directory name to use example
-t --Name of targeted user to check for.
-g --List members names of selected group .
-c -- List All Domain Controllers

Check User Group

root@kali:~#./adfly -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -i ADIP -d ADDomain -t NAMEOFUSER

List Groups Members

root@kali:~#./adfly -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -i ADIP -d ADDOMIN -g GROUPNAME