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Offensive SecurityThe Exploit Database is maintained by Offensive Security, an information security training company that provides various Information Security Certifications as well as high end penetration testing services. The Exploit Database is a non-profit project that is provided as a public service by Offensive Security

Secploit Exploit terminal is online intelligent framework help researchers to customize their own queries , and dig deeper while searching instead of wasting time activating filters , you access it like online terminal , and free to pass commands to be executed on fly !

Communicating With Exploit-DB Databases

Secploit Terminal grabs all Public Exploits Published on Exploit DB , and store these entries in Our Database to enhance the search key filter and sort them by tags , name of software and others keywords

Search by name of software

[user@Secploit] # search -- name cisco

the output will list most wanted Cisco Public Exploits filtered by ID

[283] Cisco DPC2100 2.0.2 r1256-060303 - Multiple Security Bypass and Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerabilities
[946] Cisco DPC2420 - Multiples Vulnerabilities
[1143] Cisco/Protego CS-MARS < 4.2.1 JBoss Remote Code Execution Exploit
[1209] Cisco Phone 7940/7960 SIP INVITE Remote Denial of Service Exploit
[1274] Cisco IP Phone 7940 3 SIP messages Remote Denial of Service Exploit
[1649] Cisco LEAP Password Disclosure Weakness
[1870] CiscoKits 1.0 - TFTP Server Directory Traversal Vulnerability
[3488] Cisco Unified Operations Manager Multiple Vulnerabilities
[4153] Cisco User-Changeable Password UCP - 'CSuserCGI.exe' Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities
[4802] Cisco Ironport Appliances - Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
[4997] Cisco Unified Operations Manager <= 8.5 iptm/eventmon Multiple Parameter XSS
[5011] Cisco Linksys PlayerPT ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow
[5130] Cisco ATA-186 HTTP Device Configuration Disclosure Vulnerability
[5139] Cisco IDS Device Manager 3.1.1 - Arbitrary File Read Access Vulnerability
[5148] Cisco IOS 11.x/12.0 ICMP Redirect Denial of Service Vulnerability
[5399] Cisco Packet Tracer 5.2 DLL Hijacking Exploit wintab32.dll
[5493] Cisco Collaboration Server 5 - XSS & Source Code Disclosure
[6616] Cisco Aironet Wireless Access Points Memory Exhaustion ARP Attack DoS
[6853] Cisco ACE XML Gateway <= 6.0 Internal IP disclosure
[7001] Cisco IOS 11.x/12.x HTTP Configuration Arbitrary Administrative Access Vulnerability 3
[7106] Cisco Wireless Lan Controller - Multiple Vulnerabilities
[7240] Cisco IOS Bind Shellcode 1.0
[7380] Cisco Aironet AP1x00 Malformed HTTP GET Denial of Service Vulnerability
[8094] Cisco CBOS 2.x - Multiple TCP Connection Denial of Service Vulnerability
[8616] Cisco Wireless Lan Solution Engine ArchiveApplyDisplay.JSP Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
[9390] Cisco 871 Integrated Services Router - Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerability 2
[9846] Cisco IOS 12.x Firewall Authentication Proxy Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
[10740] Cisco Unified Communications Manager - TFTP Service
[11393] Cisco AS5350 - Universal Gateway Portscan Denial of Service Vulnerability
[11808] Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

to download specific Exploit

[user@Secploit] # download {ID}

To read the content of Specific Exploit ID

[user@Secploit] # cat {ID}

Search by Tag (By Vulnerability class )

[user@Secploit] # search --tags privilege

Search by Tag And Software Name

[user@Secploit] # search --tags ubuntu privilege
[314] Linux Kernel < 4.4.0-21 (Ubuntu 16.04 x64) - 'netfilter target_offset' Local Privilege Escalation
[9139] Ubuntu usb-creator 0.2.x - Local Privilege Escalation
[9536] Ubuntu Apport - Local Privilege Escalation
[13111] Linux Kernel 4.13 (Ubuntu 17.10) - 'waitid()' SMEP/SMAP Privilege Escalation
[15640] Ubuntu 15.04 (Dev) - 'Upstart' Logrotation Privilege Escalation
[17801] AUFS (Ubuntu 15.10) - 'allow_userns' Fuse/Xattr User Namespaces Privilege Escalation
[35873] Ubuntu 16.10 / 16.04 LTS - LightDM Guest Account Local Privilege Escalation
[36605] Ubuntu 15.10 - 'USERNS ' Overlayfs Over Fuse Privilege Escalation
[37316] Ubuntu 14.04/15.10 - User Namespace Overlayfs Xattr Setgid Privilege Escalation
[37862] Linux Kernel (Ubuntu 17.04) - 'XFRM' Local Privilege Escalation
[38518] Linux Kernel < 4.4.0-83 / < 4.8.0-58 (Ubuntu 14.04/16.04) - Local Privilege Escalation (KASLR / SMEP)
[38897] Linux Kernel < 4.4.0-116 (Ubuntu 16.04.4) - Local Privilege Escalation
[39575] Ubuntu < 15.10 - PT Chown Arbitrary PTs Access Via UserNamespace Privilege Escalation
[39592] Acpid 1:2.0.10-1ubuntu2 - Privilege Boundary Crossing Vulnerability
[39641] Linux Kernel 4.4 (Ubuntu 16.04) - BPF Local Privilege Escalation (Metasploit)
[39909] Linux Kernel (Ubuntu / Fedora / Redhat) - 'Overlayfs' Privilege Escalation (Metasploit)
[39942] Linux Kernel 4.4.0 (Ubuntu) - DCCP Double-Free Privilege Escalation
[40461] Linux Kernel < 4.13.9 (Ubuntu 16.04/Fedora 27) - Local Privilege Escalation
[40631] Ubuntu - PAM MOTD File Tampering Privilege Escalation
[40708] Ubuntu Linux - 'mountall' - Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

API integration

you can also benefit from Secploit Customized Engine , by retrieving information using API end Points .

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