Secploit Terminal

online exploits indexed achieve , allows researchers to use terminal mode to search over 70k of public exploits and files . Secploit terminal depends on specific indexing techniques to help research to obtain perfect search result

0xsp Mongoose

complete privilege escalation toolkit for both windows and Linux , comes with custom techniques for enumeration , exploit detection , windows auditing . 0xsp allows experts to customize their own finding by exporting results into neat web application

0xsp mongoose RED

A unique framework for cybersecurity simulation and red teaming operations, windows auditing for newer vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and privilege escalations attacks replicate an advanced adversary's tactics and techniques in a network.


Multi-platform toolkit for an interactive DNS shell commands exfiltration, by using DNS-Cat you will be able to execute system commands in shell mode over a fully encrypted covert channel.


conduct lateral movement attack by leveraging unfiltered services display name to smuggle binaries as chunks into the target machine