About 0xsp


sharing techniques about advanced Penetration Testing ,Red Teaming , Programming , Web Attacks , threat emulations .

Oxsp is established with Secploit Sponsorship to deliver high quality content for Penetration Testers , Red Teaming , Security Researching , Application Security .

0xsp comes with first toolkit called 0xsp mongoose released for both Linux / Windows , our goal is to provide Fast, intelligent,Effective Linux / Windows Privilege escalation enumerating techniques with Web API integration for Mastering your own finding .


Lawrence Amer is an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (CPTE), and Vulnerability Researcher; he has reported medium- to severe-level vulnerabilities in Carbon Black , Crowd Strike , eBay, Adobe, Facebook, Sony, Microsoft, Yahoo, and many more. He actively monitors multiple intelligence sources to identify and investigate potential risks and threats. He has been mentioned in various magazines for his zero-days findings. He's also experienced at bypassing most endpoint security solutions, and is especially familiar with malware techniques.