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What is 0xsp

0xsp stands for a specific meaning that didn’t reveal before; the first character, “0x,” is a symbol of hexadecimal character, but actually, there is some story about it When C was created from B, the need for hexadecimal numbers arose (the PDP-11 had 16-bit words), and all of the points above were still valid. Since octals were still needed for other machines, 0x was arbitrarily chosen.

While character “S” stands for security and “P” stands for a practice.

The first lunch of 0xsp was in May 2019 and was hosted by Gitbook pages. After releasing the 0xsp mongoose project under 0xsp ownership, many users started to take valuable notes from the site and the open-source projects.

After that, I moved the site from Gitbook into new self-hosting with a brand new site coded from scratch, trying as much as possible to keep users with the same way of access and enhanced reading.

Nowadays 0xsp community is becoming bigger and considered unique resources for security practice and development.


  • May 2019 (starting up )
  • 2019 Releasing 0xsp mongoose (Linux/windows)
  • 2020 releasing 0xsp mongoose RED
  • 2021 establishing research and development lab
  • 2021 provide Author portal for interested users


since your input is valuable for us, the 0xsp community welcomes any requests from people who would like to share articles or tools about security research and security development by sending an author request to the following email address: admin@0xsp.com.


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