Local administrator is not just with Razer.. it is possible for ALL

There is more? Recently a Security researcher @jonhat discovered a zero-day vulnerability in the plug-and-play Razer Synapse installation that allows users to gain SYSTEM privileges on a Windows device quickly. by plugging the Razer mouse into the system, windows 10 will download the suitable software and start the process of driver installation. Since the process … Read more

Defeat the Castle – Bypass AV & Advanced XDR solutions.

Introduction This research paper will demonstrate the unique process hollowing technique used to bypass and divert detection analysis. the following research has been introduced first on CrestCon Asia 2021, and you may watch it on Youtube(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7EMBz7GLMk) With an advanced newer security defense solution (e.g., EDR, XDR, NGAV), it becomes much harder for offensive security experts to … Read more