Red Teaming Toolkit Collection

Red Teaming/Adversary Simulation Toolkit


Active Intelligence Gathering

Passive Intelligence Gathering





Watering Hole Attack

Command and Control

Remote Access Tools


Lateral Movement

Establish Foothold

Escalate Privileges

Domain Escalation

Local Escalation

Data Exfiltration


Wireless Networks

Embedded & Peripheral Devices Hacking

Software For Team Communication

  • RocketChat is free, unlimited and open source. Replace email & Slack with the ultimate team chat software solution.
  • Etherpad is an open source, web-based collaborative real-time editor, allowing authors to simultaneously edit a text document

Log Aggregation

C# Offensive Framework




Physical Entry


Lock Picks

Sparrows EOD Lock Pick SetLockPickingLawyerReview: Sparrows BOMBA ROYALE Lock Pick SetSparrows
Convertible Tubular Lock PickA Beginner’s Guide to Tubular Lock PickingRed Team Tools
Covert Jiggler ToolsReview: Southord Core Killer Jiggler Keys (SDJ-13)Red Team Tools
Warded Lock Pick SetOpening Warded LocksSparrows
Comb BAR Pick SetUsing Comb PicksSparrows

Bypass Tools

Under Door ToolReview: Sparrows Under-the-Door (UDT) ToolSparrows
DDTSparrows Double Door Tool (DDT) BypassSparrows
Latch Bypass Tool (Traveller Hook)The Search for the Perfect Door – Deviant OllamRed Team Tools
Thumb Turn Defeat ToolReview: Thumbturn Bypass Tool (WARNING!)LockPicks
DecodersDecoding Multi-Wheel Locks with a Mini KnifeSparrows
Abus Bypass ToolAbus Driver By SparrowsSparrows
Adams Rite Bypass ToolReview: Adams-Rite Lock Bypass ToolsSparrows
American Lock Bypass ToolReview: Peterson American Padlock Bypass ToolsSparrows
Door ShimsSparrows Quick ShimsSparrows
Core ShimsCore Shimming Opening TechniqueSparrows
Padlock ShimsReview: Padlock Shims and How to Use ThemSparrows
35mm Filmbypass ADA handle doorlockeBay

Elevator Master Keys

FEO-K1UniversalThis is the most common and universal key for Fire Service
EPCO1/EN1UniversalCommon Fire Service key, sometimes used on Schindler elevators
Yale 3502New YorkFire Service master key for every elevator in New York
Yale 2642New YorkOld Fire Service master key for every elevator in New York
BGM30OTISOpens the panels for OTIS elevators
UTFOTISFire Service master key for OTIS elevators
UTAOTISIndependent Service, fan, light, cabinet for OTIS elevators
UTHOTISFloor lockout, inspection, access for OTIS elevators
501CHSchindlerFire Service master key for Schindler elevators
J200Monietor/JanusIndependent Service, fan, light, cabinet for Monitor fixtures
J217Monitor/JanusFire Service master key for Monitor fixtures
EX513InnovationIndependent Service, fan, light, cabinet for Innovation elevators
EX515InnovationFire Service master key for Innovation elevators
KONE3KONEFire Service master key for KONE elevators

Note: There are plenty more for different elevator brands.



Common Keys

Linear 222343Master key for every Linear intercom system
DoorKing 16120Master key for every DoorKing intercom system
CH751Extremely common cabinet key
C415AExtremely Common cabinet key
C413ACommon cabinet key
C420ACommon cabinet key
C642ACommon cabinet key
C346ACommon cabinet key
C390ACommon cabinet key
EK333Common server cabinet key
Ilco CC1Common golf cart key



Bump Keys

Key sets: KW1, KW11, SC1, SC4, M1, M10, DE6, Y1, M1, LW4, LW4R, LW5, TE2






Alfa AWUS1900 AC1900Amazon
TP-Link TL-WN722NAmazon
Sena UD100Amazon


Alfa ARS-N19MAmazon
Alfa APA-M25Amazon
Tupavco TP512Amazon
GlobalSat BU-353-S4Amazon



Proxmark3 RDV4 w/ BT Add-onUnlocking Secrets Of The Proxmark3 RDV4.0Cloning and Emulating RFID cards with Proxmark3Unlocking secrets of the Proxmark3 RDV4.0 Kevin Barker & Christian Herrmann nullcon Goa 2019Hacker WarehouseLab401Sneak Technology
RFID Diagnostic CardDangerous Things RFID Diagnostic ToolDangerous Things
ESP-RFID-ToolESP-RFID-Tool TutorialOfficial StoreAli ExpressTindle
ESPKey Wiegand Interception ToolRed Team Tools
HackRFGetting Started With The HackRF, Hak5 1707Hacking Restaurant Pagers with HackRF18 SDR Tricks with the hackrfHacker WarehouseAdafruitHak5Amazon
Wifi PineappleHow to setup Wifi Pineapple Tetra and Basic AttackHak5
P4wnP1 A.L.O.AStealing Files With A Pi Zero P4wnP1 A.L.O.A.P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. workflow demo
MalduinoMalDuino Setup Tutorial (Elite + Lite)Maltronics
Rubber DuckyExplained! USB Rubber DuckiesHow to Get a Reverse Shell in 3 Seconds with the USB Rubber Ducky – Hak5 2110Hak5
Plunder BugIntercept Security Camera Images Using Hak5’s Plunder BugIntroducing the Plunder Bug – A Smart LAN Tap by Hak5 – Hak5 2509Hak5
Cactus WHIDaprbrother
Raspberry Pi Zero WOfficialAdafruit



Leatherman SURGELeatherman Surge ReviewLeathermanAmazon
Fenix UC35First Look Reliable UtilityAmazon



Magnetic Search PoleRed Team Tools
Compressed Air
Lanyard & ID
Universal Cross KeyeBay
OTG Adapter
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