bypass restricted command prompt for none-privileged users

intro The Windows Command Prompt (sometimes called the DOS prompt) is a tool that allows administrators to invoke system-wide commands to make administration easier and more efficient. The average user has little use for this tool. many administration prevents users to have a command prompt enabled for their access, as too is considered good practice … Read more

Bypass Symantec Email

During attack Simulation, you may face Symantec Email Security Cloud (Message Lab ) while conducting a phishing campaign. Message Lab stops known and unknown techniques while delivering malicious email content. The Email service helps organizations combat these threats through advanced perimeter defenses and our proprietary SkepticTM technologies. Operating at the Internet level with automatic … Read more

Gophish on Digital Ocean with Blacklist Range

Intro Gophish is a powerful, easy-to-use, open-source phishing toolkit meant to help pentesters and businesses conduct real-world phishing simulations. This user guide introduces Gophish and shows how to use the software, building a complete campaign from start to finish. the usage of gophish and very neat installation procedures inspired by note post on blog … Read more

red team cheatsheet

Recon Elevation of Privileges General Kerberoast – For kerberos to work, times have to be within 5 minutes between attacker and victim. Juicy Potato Exploit Pick one CLSID from here according to your system Required tokens SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege SeImpersonatePrivilege Stored Credential Impersonating Tokens with meterpreter Lateral Movement PsExec, SmbExec, WMIExec, RDP, PTH in general. … Read more